How to get visitor details during chat?

If you have Toggled OFF Pre-chat form or if it is proactive chat/triggered chat, then you might see the name of the visitor to be 'VisitorXXXXX" with no name or email address/number.

To get/add customer details like name, email id and phone number during an on going chat, go through the below information:

Request visitor details:

Enter '!' key in the chat text area to display the list of commands. Type or Choose thecommand '!getVisitorDetails'.

At the Visitor end "Add your details" button will appear at the top of the chat box.

On clicking "Add your details" they can enter the details in the respective fields. (Note: They can also choose to click close button to skip it.)

As soon as they provide their details, it will get updated instantly on the chat at the visitor's end as well as at the agent's end.

Option for agents to add Visitor details:

If the customer provides his details on chat conversation, you can add this info to the chat or edit if the info is invalid.

By clicking on the "edit" icon on the top right corner of the chat box. 

After clicking on it, agent will be prompted to enter the visitor details. Once done, click "Save" button will update the visitor details on the chat.

Option for visitors to edit/add their details:

Visitors will have the option to add their details on the chat widget anytime during the chat. They can add/edit their details by clicking on the option on the left of the chat box and select "Add your details".

The details will get updated instantly on both the visitor and agent end. 
Visitor details can be changed only during an ongoing chat. It can't be changed after the chat conversation ends.

Customer details on the Agent's chat window:

Customer details Under History section:

Customer details on the chat transcript sent your email: