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December 02 2018 Production Release
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We have released a new version of Desktop apps for both mac and Windows.
We have resolved issues and made a few performance tweaks to the Desktop apps.
You can uninstall the previous version of the app and install the latest version
- v. 2.0.5 from from the goodies section in your HappyFox Chat account.

1. Performance Improvements:
- Agent dashboard will henceforth live on . All old links pointing to will get redirected to new URLs.
- Reduced our chat widget size to get it loaded faster on websites
- Cut down steps to load chat widget to load it faster on websites 
- All assets of Visitor Chat widget will be delivered from our global CDN.
- All of Agent dashboard will be delivered from our CDN as well. Aggressive caching steps have been taken to load the front-end faster than before. So users will experience a positive difference in overall load time of pages.

2. The exported csv report will now contain the custom prechat form field information of each chat.

1. Fixed a bug where at times, the admin was unable to download the invoices from the billing section.
2. Fixed a bug where in certain accounts, the FB pages were not selectable under the FB integration settings in HappyFox  Chat account.

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