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How to set chat availability
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On your chat dashboard, you can turn the toggle on/off to set chat availability. There are two chat availability statuses for support staff - 

  • Available 
  • Unavailable/ Offline


1. Available (Green toggle) - Agent logged in and available to take live chat requests and chat transfer requests. Even if one staff is available on the chat account, the visitor widget shows the live chat form. Click on the profile from the top right corner of the page and turn on the availability switch toggle.

2. Unavailable (Grey toggle) - Logged in but unavailable to take chats and transfer requests. When agents are “Unavailable”, the visitor side widget shows “Offline form”, where customers can leave a message. The dashboard will be greyed out when you are Unavailable, refer the screenshot below.

How to hide widget when agents are unavailable?

You can prefer to hide the chat widget on the website when no agents are available. For more details check this article - "Hide Widget when no agents available".

Under the Agents tab when your status is Unavailable, for other agents your availability status will be shown as Unavailable.

  1. When you turn OFF the chat availability toggle during an ongoing chat, you will still be able to continue with the ongoing chat.

  2. Only when you are available, you will be able to take new chats or other agents can transfer a chat. 

  3. The triggered chat will be functional only when at least one agent on the chat account is available.

  4. When Admins are Unavailable to take chats, they can perform other actions like monitoring chats, widget customizations, checking reports, etc., but cannot start a proactive chat.

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