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June 08 2017 Production Release

**New Feature announcement:** HappyFox Chat now supports SSO-OneLogin. Available in **Mighty** and above plans. You can use your OneLogin credentials to login to your HappyFox Chat account. Steps to integrate OneLogin with HappyFox Chat - [Click here][1]. [1]:…

Setting up G Suite SSO on your HappyFox Chat account

G Suite is an identity and access management provider by Google that enables frictionless login for enterprise apps. Using G Suite, your agents can login securely without using a password. > The user account with which you connect the domain must have either** Super Admin role** or** User Management Admin** **role** …

Single Sign-On via OneLogin

**Steps to enable OneLogin SSO: ** Check this article > **[][1]** **After enabling SSO:** * Agent's authentication is taken care by the Identity Provider - OneLogin. So agents cannot login to HappyFox Chat with their regular password but will be prompte…

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