Live Translation on Android app

Provide multi-lingual support for your customers from any country with any language. Enable live translation feature on your HappyFox Chat Android app and translate your customer's language (any foreign language) to your preferred language during an ongoing chat.  

This feature is available on Mighty plan and above plans.

How to set preferred language of translation:

  1. From your web/desktop app, go to Manage >> click Timezone and Language on the sidebar.
  2. Select the preferred language to which you want the detected language to be translated.

How does Live Translation feature work? 

When a customer sends a chat message in a foreign language, the app will auto-detect the language and you will see the Google translate option next to the detected language as shown below.

Once you turn on the translate option, the chat will be translated to your preferred language. On clicking 'Show Original' below each message you can view the actual message sent in customer's language.

For customers, the agent's reply will be translated to customer's language.

Agent Side:

Customer Side:

Push notification will also have the translated message if the translation feature is on.

Chat History: