March 30 2017 Production Release

An update has been released for HappyFox Chat iOS app.
The latest version is ver 1.9 . Click here to install it.

An update has been released for HappyFox Chat Android app.
The latest version is ver 1.4 . Click here to install it.
New Features & Enhancements:

1. Collecting/updating visitor details during a chat : Click here to know more.

  • Provision for the agents to request visitor details like name and email during an ongoing chat.
  • Provision for the visitors to update their name and email id during a chat.
  • Provision for the agents to edit the visitor details from the chat window.

2. Language support : HappyFox Chat now supports "Bengali" language.
Bug Fixes:
1. Facebook messenger integration : Fixed an issue where the incoming message notification with Accept button stayed in the sidebar even after it is accepted by an agent.
2. Proactive chat - Fixed a UI glitch in the proactive chat bubble.
3. Proactive chat - Fixed an issue where the live visitor tiles under the visitor's page were duplicated when the system awakes from the sleep mode.
4. Legacy free plan - Fixed an issue where upgrade button was displayed for the free apps under the apps section.
5. Agent's chat availability state - Fixed an issue where, at times, the agent app session was automatically going to offline state.
6. Mobile safari - Fixed an issue where the keypad was overlapping and hiding the text input area when the user taps the text area.
7. Desktop app  -Fixed an issue where the notifications were not displayed for every visitor message.