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How to accept new chat requests?
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When there is a new chat request, you'll receive

  1. a push notification if the mobile app is running the background
  2. an in-app notification will be displayed on agents' mobile app chat dashboard with "Accept" and "Ignore" button. 


Clicking accept option will open the chat page for you to type-in your replies and carry the conversation. 


On clicking the "Ignore" option, the notification will be hidden but the chat will remain unattended until one of the agent accepts the chat. 


If you have clicked Ignore button by mistake or if you want to accept the chat, you still have the option to Accept the chat simply by swiping the screen from right to left on the screen. Here, you are simply loading the chat dashboard page again.


On chat page The page various other basic chat features. 


When you're on a conversation with the visitor or on another tab inside the app, and if there is a new chat request notification or a new message from the other visitor, then it will be notified through in-app notifications.

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