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How to install HappyFox Chat in BigCommerce
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To install HappyFox Chat widget on your BigCommerce store, kindly follow the instructions below:

Step 1
: Login to your BigCommerce account and click on Advanced Settings from the right side pane of the page.

Step 2
: Under Advanced settings column, click on Live Chat.

Step 3
: Select "Other Third party Live Chat Service" from the list of Live Chat Services  Click "Save".

Step 4
: Now, click on the Other Third party Live Chat Service tab.

Step 5
: Paste the HappyFox Chat installation code in the text box across Live chat code.

Step 6: Click Chat Box Location drop-down menu   Choose At the top of the page  Click Save.

Voila! You will see the HappyFox Chat widget successfully installed on your store.

During an ongoing chat, to fetch customers' order details, list of items in each order and status of each orders, you can enable integration with BigCommerce. Kindly the follow the instructions here.

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