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Enable integration with BigCommerce

By integrating BigCommerce store with HappyFox Chat, during an ongoing chat you can view the history of orders placed, the list of items in each order and statuses of each order.

This integration is available in Mighty and above plans.

Only Admin of HappyFox Chat account has the access for integration.

On your BigCommerce account, ensure your role is admin.

Prerequisite for the integration:

Get Username, API Path and API Token from BigCommerce account:

1. Login to your BigCommerce Account.
2. Click on Advanced Settings on the left pane.

3. Click Legacy API on the left, under Advanced Settings.

4. Now click on Create a Legacy API Account button.

5. Enter a Username -> Copy the Username, API Path and API Token -> click Save.

6. Once you save, a new user account will be added to your Legacy API Account.

Steps to Integrate BigCommerce with HappyFox Chat:

Step 1: Login to your HappyFox Chat account.
Step 2: Go to Apps -> BigCommerce.
Step 3: Click on INSTALL/TRY FOR 7DAYS button.

Step 4: Now paste the Username, API Path and API Token copied from your BigCommerce account -> click Connect. Update your preference under Settings -> click Update settings.

Now your BigCommerce account will be integrated with your HappyFox Chat account, successfully.

Customer details from BigCommerce on HappyFox Chat 

Note: If you’re unable to view customer info, simply type '!' and choose !refreshvisitordata to refresh the customer information meta area.

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