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Billing Section
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In the Billing section, you will find options to make a payment, upgrade, edit subscription, add/edit card details, review past payments, and download invoices.


Only the account owner has access to the Billing Section. If you want more than one person to manage billing, you can create a custom role with billing permission and assign the responsible people to that role.

How to make a payment/upgrade to a paid plan?

  1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.
  2. Click on the Profile name located in the top right corner of your HappyFox Chat account.
  3. Choose 'Billing' from the drop-up menu.
  4. You will see the billing pop-up, where you can see which plan you are currently on and the details of the other plans.
  5. Select the plan of your preference and click on 'Upgrade to this plan' button.
  6. Now you will be taken to the next step where you need to,
    • Enter the number of agents you require to purchase that many agent licenses under your preferred plan.
    • Select either 'Pay Monthly' or 'Pay Annually' option depending on your preference.
  7. Depending upon the number of agents and the preferred option for monthly or yearly payment, the total billing value will get updated and the total billing amount that needs to be paid will be displayed.
  8. On the right side of the same pop-up, you can see the field to enter the credit card information.
  9. On entering the card details, Click "Add billing address and upgrade" to enter your billing address and VAT number. The billing address and VAT will be included in your invoice. Review the information and click on the 'Upgrade' button to make the payment for your account.
  10. After successful payment, your HappyFox Chat account will be upgraded to the plan that you opted for.
  11. The fee for the subscribed plan will be charged by the system every month/year automatically from your card.

To edit the card details and address:

  • Go to Billing section -> Click "Edit Subscription".
  • Click "Edit Card" option next to the "Current Payment Method".

    Now add your card details and click "Review billing address and Update".
  • Click on the 'edit' option next to Billing Address and edit the address.

Download Invoice:

Go to "Payment and Invoices" tab and click on the invoice ID to download the invoice.


  • An upgrade can be done at any point in time before the billing cycle.
  • If you want to downgrade from a higher paid plan to a lower paid plan, you need to write an email to us at [email protected]. In the case of downgrading from a higher paid plan to a lower paid plan, the excess amount will be credited to your HappyFox Chat account which will be deducted in the upcoming billing amount.
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