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Agents - Roles & Permissions
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HappyFox Chat allows you to create multiple custom roles with specific permissions. 


Under Manage >> Roles and permissions, you'll see default roles - Admin and Agent which have pre-defined permissions (listed at the end of this article) which cannot be changed. Based on your requirement you can create new custom roles with desired permissions.


It is mandatory that each user be associated with admin, agent, or custom roles when you send an invite.

Roles and permissions feature is available on Scale and Scale plus plans

How to create a new role?

1. Navigate to Manage >> Roles & Permissions

Note: Other than account admin, only the users with “Manage Agents” permission can view this section.

2. Click on “Add Role”.

3. Enter the name of the role, enable desired permissions for the role and click on “Create role”.

4. You can then assign this role to existing or new staff.

To know how to assign a custom role on new user invites, refer to this article.

Is it possible to change the role of existing agent? 

Yes, you can head to Manage >> Agents >> Click on the agent's tile for whom you'd like to change the role. On the resultant pop-up, click the Role dropdown menu and choose the desired Role :

Note: By default, the account owner who creates the chat account will be on the admin role and cannot be deactivated/deleted by other admins. The account owner has to log in and transfer ownership to another staff in the account. Only then the particular staff can be deleted. 

Can I delete update/delete a custom role?

While it is not possible to update permissions/delete the default roles (admin/agent), you can do so for custom roles by following the steps below:

Go to Manage >> Roles and permissions >> Click desired role >> enable/disable permission and click 'Update Role'


Note that when you delete the custom role, ensure that the agents under that particular role are moved to another role.

The predefined set of permissions for Admin and agent roles:

'Agent' role:

  • Handle live chats, FB messages and SMS-Chat, transfer chat, send files via chat, add tags to the chat, block a visitor and get/add visitor details.
  • Access to chat history and filters, list of agents, apps section, reports, the visitor section and start a proactive chat. Add/remove canned responses that are visible only to themselves. Get email notifications for chat ratings. Specific staff with the Agent role can be enabled with the monitor chat feature.  
  • Create leads/contacts (if the CRM integrations are enabled). Create meeting (if the integration is enabled)


'Admin' role:

  • Admins will be able to access all the modules of the app. Apart from the above-mentioned permissions, they will be able to monitor other active chats, invite, deactivate and delete admins/agents, and enable integrations. 
  • Access Manage section, export Chat Reports, Set up Triggered Chats, Manage the Billing section of the app, Delete chat transcript and Add/remove canned responses that are visible to all other staff in the account.
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