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Agents - Roles & Permissions

On HappyFox Chat application, a staff's role is classified into two - 'Admin' and 'Agent'.


Support staff with an 'Agent' role, has limited access to chat app's modules and set up. Following are the permissions allowed:


1. Basic chat functionalities like, 

  • handling live chats, FB messages, and SMS-Chat.
  • transfer chat
  • send files via chat
  • adding tags to the chat
  • block a visitor
  • get/add visitor details

2. Access to chat history and filters

3. Access list of agents

4. Access list of apps

5. Access Reports 

6. Access the visitor section and start a proactive chat

7. Add/remove canned responses that are visible only to themselves

8. Get email notifications for chat ratings

9. Specific staff with the Agent role can be enabled with the monitor chat feature.  

10. Create leads/contacts (if the integration is enabled) 

11. Create join.me meeting (if the integration is enabled)


Support staff with an 'Admin' role, will be able to access all the modules of the app. Apart from the above-mentioned permissions, Admin will be able to:


1. Monitor other active chats

2. Invite, deactivate and delete admins/agents

3. Enable integrations

4. Access Manage section

5. Export Chat Reports

6. Set up Triggered Chats

7. Manage the Billing section of the app

8. Delete chat transcript

9. Add/remove canned responses that are visible to all other staff in the account.


Note: By default, the account owner who creates the chat account will be on the admin role and cannot be deactivated/deleted other admins. The account owner has to log in and transfer ownership to another staff in the account. Only then the staff can be deleted. 


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