Customizing the Chat Widget

Customizing the Chat Widget gives a brief on how to change the Appearance and the Messages that are associated with the Chat Widget.

Only Admins can Customize the Chat Widget.

Customizing the Appearance of the Chat Widget:

Login to your HappyFox Chat Account, go to Manage-->Appearance

You can choose the Color from the color palette and the preview of the chat widget with respect to the selected color will appear in the right pane.

Also the Text color of the Chat window title can be changed.

Position of the Chat widget in your website can be changed by selecting one of the three options in the next label below the Text color label.
The style/look of the Chat widget badge can be customised too. You can either choose the Compact mode or Full mode.

Toggling ON 'Show agent profile picture' will display Agent's profile picture to the visitor if the agent has set a profile picture. Toggling OFF will display the default Chat bubble.
Toggling ON 'Show maximized chat window' will show the Chat window in maximized state by default when a visitor enters into your website. Toggling OFF will keep the widget in minimized state unless a visitor clicks on it.

Toggling ON 'Collect Visitor Name and Email' will prompt the visitors to enter their name and Email address before initiating the chat.

Toggling OFF that will enable the Visitors to chat with the agents directly without entering any details.
Toggling ON Ask rating from visitor (post-chat) will show a rating option at the end of every chat conversation to rate the conversation. Toggling OFF will not disable the rating feature at the end of the chat.

Customizing the Messages in the Chat Widget:

The Texts that appear in the following Fields are Customizable/can be changed.

  • Chat window title
  • Chat button title
  • Welcome Text
  • Offline Welcome Text
  • Start Button
  • First message

The Texts in these fields can be entered in any language.

Note: The Texts in these fields have text limits which varies for each fields.