Enable integration with Zapier

By enabling HappyFox-Zapier Integration, when there is a chat related event you can create an action.

For example when there is a missed chat (a trigger) on HappyFox Chat you can send an email alert (an action).

HappyFox Chat provides three trigger points-

  1. Finished Chat
  2. New Offline Message
  3. New Missed Chat

Only Admin has the access to integrate Zapier with HappyFox Chat account.

Prerequisite for Zapier-HappyFx Integration:  

Get API Key for HappyFox Chat account

1. Login to HappyFox Chat account. (New to HappyFox Chat? Sign Up here)

2. Go to Apps → Zapier

3. Click on TRY FOR 7 DAYS / INSTALL button. The app integration is available on all paid plans.

4. Now click on Generate API Key button and copy the API Key.

Steps for Zapier-HappyFox Chat integration

Let's create a Zap for the scenario, for missed chats (trigger) on HappyFox Chat, send an email to your email id (action).

STEP 1: Login to your Zapier account

STEP 2: Click on Make a New Zap button.

STEP 3: To set up the trigger for HappyFox Chat,

  • Under Choose a trigger app, Type HappyFox Chat and select it.
  • It will take you to the next step. Choose New Missed chat as trigger → Click Continue.
  • Hit Connect a New Account button. You will be prompted to enter API key of your HappyFox Chat account.
  • Now paste the API Key copied from your HappyFox Chat account → Then click Yes, continue button
  • After connecting to your HappyFox Chat account, click Save + Continue button.
  • Now test this HappyFox Chat account by fetching sample chats. Click Connect & Continue.
  • Now, Create sample missed chat on your HappyFox Chat account.
  • Once the system fetches the test sample, you will see Test Succesful message as shown below. Click Continue.

Step 4: To setup the action to be taken for the trigger. (Sending email for a new missed chat on HappyFox Chat)

  • Choose action app  → Type "Gmail" and select it.
  • Under Select Gmail account → click Connect to new account button.
  • In this step, Zapier will prompt you to grant access to your Gmail account  → Click Allow button.       
  • Under select Gmail action, select Send Email → Click Save + Continue button.
  • Under setup Gmail, fill in the required fields → Click Continue button. (This step is to set the email template for a new missed chat on HappyFox Chat)
  • You can send a sample message to preview the email for missed chat. On testing successfully testing the sample message, you can see the below screen. Click "Finish" button.

Step 6: After testing and naming the Zap, turn ON the Zap. Your Zap will be created successfully!

To add a keyword filter, click ‘+’ option 

You can set “custom filter” so that you can set the action only when there is a keyword mentioned in the chat. Example: upgrade plan / pricing / something relevant to your domain.

Important Note:

Now, you can create more 25 Zaps in a simpler method. Check out Zapier's app page.

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  • 24-Oct-2016