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Editing Admin / Agent profile
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To edit an admin/agent profile information, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click your profile on the top right  of the dashboard >> Click "Edit Profile".

Step 2: Clicking on Edit Profile option, you will see a popup wherein you can modify your profile information. The pop-up comprises of three sections:

  • Your Profile
  • Email & Password
  • Email Notification

A. Your Profile Section:


Under this section, you can add your picture and can edit your "Name" and "Display Name". Similarly, other agents can log in to their accounts to add their pictures.  

Add agent picture

  1. To add a new Display Picture hit "Click to add your profile image".
  2. Choose and upload an image to your profile.
  3. Click "Save".

To change the display picture, click on the existing image, choose and upload a new image.

B. Email & Password Section:

You can change/update your email id from this section. Click "Change Email". An email will be sent to your new email id for authentication. Confirm to access HappyFox Chat from a new email id. 

Click the "Change Password" link right below the email id field and you will be able asked to enter the Current Password, New Password and Confirm New Password. Once done hit "Save" button.

C. Email Notifications:

This section contains options to enable email notifications for chat ratings. 

Admin role:

Agent role:

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