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Manage chat agents
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Admins can manage all support staff who access the chat dashboard from the Agents section. You can invite unlimited agents to your HappyFox Chat account.

Add/invite agents:

1. Click on the Agents section on the main menu.

2. Click on the Add Agents button.

3. In the pop-up you can the name and email id of the new agent and set their role to admin, agent, or any custom role.

4. Choose the chat history access.

5. Once done, click the Send Invite button to trigger the invite email.

Sample Agent Invite Email:

Once the agent clicks the 'Accept Invite' link, they will be required to set the agent name and password.


After that, the agent will be logged in to HappyFox Chat and can take chat requests.

Resend or delete agent invitations:

Under the agents section, filter agents by Pending agents or you can directly choose the preferred agent.

Click on the agent's tile to whom you wish to resend the invite or the agent delete the agent.

On the bottom right of the pop-up, you will see these options.

Can the admin set passwords for agents?

Yes, admins have an option to set passwords for agents who have accepted the invitation and have set their own passwords.

Note: Admins cannot set passwords for other admins. 

After setting the password for the agent successfully, the agent will be logged out from all his/her devices.

Deactivate an agent/admin:

1. To deactivate an agent, go to the "Agents" tab > Go to "All agents" (left pane) and click on the agent name who should be deactivated. On the resultant pop-up, click on the "Deactivate" option.

2. On clicking "Deactivate", you will be prompted with "Are you sure? (Yes/No)" message. Clicking "Yes", will proceed to deactivate the agent, and choosing "No" will abort the action.


Note: By default, the account owner who creates the chat account will be in the admin role and cannot be deactivated/deleted by other admins. The account owner has to log in and transfer ownership to another staff in the account. Only then the particular staff can be deleted. 

How reactivate an agent?

Under Agents section, click on the agent name who should be reactivated. On the resultant pop-up, click on the "Activate" option.

Confirm by clicking Yes/No and proceed.


  1. The option to completely delete or remove an agent from the HappyFox Chat is not available.
  2. You can only deactivate the agent and the particular will not be able to access the account.

Filters on Agents section:

1. Online Agents - This filter lists all the agents who are logged in and are available to handle chats. The Green dot denotes that the agent is available to chat.

2. Pending Agents - This filter lists the agents who are invited to the chat account but are yet to accept the agent invite. Click on the agent name will display a popup with more details.
3. Active Agents - Lists all the agents who have accepted the agent invite (the chat availability can be 'available or unavailable').

4. Inactive Agents - List all the agents whose accounts are deactivated by the account admin.

5. Idle agents - List all the agents who are online but haven't interacted with the chat dashboard for more than 20 minutes.

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