Adding and deactivating agents

On HappyFox Chat, adding new agents and deactivating agents can be done only by "Admin" users.

Any number of agents can be added to your HappyFox Chat account. There is no limit. The fee is per agent. 

Adding an Agent:

1. Admin users can start adding new agents from the "Agents" menu.

2. To add a new agent, click on the "Add Agent" block.

3. Clicking on the "Add Agent" block will open a pop-up, wherein you can to enter the details of your agent that. You can also set the privilege of the agent either as Admin/Agent. Once done, click "Send Invite" button.

4. An invite will be sent to the email ID of the person who you added as an agent, with the status 'Invited' indicated in the respective agent's tile. 

To resend the invite, or delete the invitation, click on the agent tile, which will open a pop-up. On the bottom right, click on the "Resend Invite" if you'd like to resend the invite. To delete the invite sent, click on the "Delete Invitation" link. 

5. When the agent accepts the invite from the email and logs into HappyFox Chat, she/he'll be able to take up new chat requests. The agent's status will be changed to 'Available/Online' in the respective agent's tile.

6. Admins have an option to set passwords for agents who accepted the invitation. Admins cannot set password for other others. 

Deactivating an Agent:

1. To deactivate an agent, go the "Agents" tab > Go to "All agents" (left pane) and click on the agent name who should be deactivated. On the resultant pop-up, click on "Deactivate" option.

2. On clicking "Deactivate", you will be prompted with "Are you sure? (Yes/No)" message. Clicking "Yes", will proceed to deactivate the agent and choosing "No" will abort the action.

Reactivate agent:

Go the "Agents" tab > Go to "All agents" (left pane) and click on the agent name who should be reactivated. On the resultant pop-up, click on "Activate" option.

Confirm by clicking Yes/No and proceed.

Note: Option to completely delete or remove an agent from the HappyFox Chat is not available. You can deactivate the agent and the particular will not able to access the account.