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How to delete account owner and transfer ownership
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By default, the person who creates the chat account will be in the account owner.


If an account owner want to transfer the ownership to another user while being present as a user in the account, you need to send an email request to


An account owner cannot be deactivated/deleted by other admins. Only the account owner can delete himself by transferring the ownership to another user.


If you are the account owner, log in to your HappyFox Chat account and go to the Manage > Agents section. Click on your agent tile and then click the Delete option.

Once you confirm, you will see a popup that will display a list of agents.

After choosing the agent, click the 'Transfer ownership and delete account' button. This action will immediately log you out and delete your user profile in the account. 


Note: If there are no other user in the account, then the admin can't delete himself/herself.

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