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August 15 2020 Production Release
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New features:

  1. Date picker pre-chat field
    1. Customers can now add date picker field in pre-chat/offline form, so that visitors can easily fill in dates.
  2. Multi select support for Bot
    1. Visitors can now answer bot question with multiple options.


  1. Increased canned response text character limit from 500 to 1000.
  2. Agent web app will now work in iPad Safari browser.
  3.  Widget can now be customised to not minimise automatically post offline form submission.
  4. We have enhanced sentry integration to give non - PII contextual info for crashes to help us debug future crashes quickly.


  1. GDPR consent checkbox in widget offline form will now respect the user settings.
  2. Triggered chat/Proactive chat pop up will not steal visitor's cursor focus anymore.
  3. Multiple clicks on other chat tile to start monitoring is handled.
  4. Barged in agent details will be instantly updated in visitor tiles under visitors tab.
  5. Custom pre-chat fields updated by agent will be synced back to visitor widget instantly.
  6. Account cancellation after grace period will happen seamlessly.
  7. Clicking on "Add Tag" button will take focus to input box for easy filling.
  8. Widget crash is avoided during pre-chat field unset action.
  9. Stopped sending rating transcript emails of missed chat to agent who have not confirmed their invite.
  10. V2 agent will not be redirected to V1 app during log out.
  11. Agent can now logout from app post account trial expiration.
  12. Visitor widget titlebar will hide or show agent name as per user settings.
  13. Other security fixes
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