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Troubleshooting in HappyFox Chat 2.0 iOS app
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Troubleshooting in HappyFox Chat 2.0 iOS App: 


First of all, please make sure you're on the latest version of HappyFox Chat 2.0 iOS app and do these following things to see if notifications are getting received successfully:


Notifications might not happen if the device is in


Low Power Mode

Disable it if already enabled, and check again.



If no push is received, usually killing the app and re-opening it again should make it work.




If that does not work,

1. Log out from the app

2. Kill the app

3. Open the app again and get authenticated using FaceID/TouchID/ Passcode and the app will auto-login to the account.

4. Initiate a demo chat from a visitor and check if the notifications arrive.




If NONE of the above works, go to Settings → HappyFox Chat 2.0 → Notifications → Allow Notifications

(Check if this and all the other things there are turned ON )


Otherwise, uninstall the app, re-install it again, and make sure that, in the below pop-up, "Allow" is chosen.




Mostly, checking the above steps will solve the issue. This little document serves as first round of troubleshooting methods for "no push notifications" problem.



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