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How to integrate with SugarCRM

By integrating with SugarCRM, * View the visitor information from SugarCRM. * View the statuses of each lead or contact. * Create leads or contacts in SugarCRM after the chat ends. * The chat transcripts will be updated under Calls for Leads and under Cases, Calls for Contact depending on your preferred setti…

How to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is available in **Scale **and** Scale plus plans**. Only admin of the HappyFox Chat account can set up this integration. > * HappyFox Chat supports 2015 and 2016 **online** versions of Microsoft Dynamics accounts. > * Ensure that user account used for integration have sufficien…

Enable integration with Salesforce

### Salesforce integration benefits: * View lead/contact details from Salesforce CRM during an ongoing chat. * During a chat session, manually create leads/contacts in Salesforce CRM. * After a chat ends, automatically create leads/contacts in Salesforce CRM. * Create multiple leads/contacts for a customer du…

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