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Feb 06 2020 Production Release
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We released two new features to production.


Message Delivery status

Agents can now see Sent/Delivered/Read status of the messages they send in chats. Helps a great deal when they want to know whether visitor actually got the message and read it. This feature is available for all new signups since November, irrespective of their plan. There is no switch to turn this on in settings. It shows up by default for all chats.

Live Translation

This feature was already available to our older customers. We have now implemented an improved version that is available for all accounts signed up after November. Agents and visitors can chat with each other even if they don't speak the same language. These are the improvements compared to our previous version


  • Agent can set the language of visitor if he/she thinks that our language detection is not working well for them.
  • Language detection with visitor's initial set of messages is improved to give maximum accuracy.
  • Overall, language detection and translation will be faster


Apart from the two major features, we also released a number of security fixes. And the following bugs were squashed:


  1. Core Chat - Connection being disconnected abruptly when the agent reloads the page when he is in middle of a chat
  2. Departments - Unable to scroll list of agents when adding departments
  3. FB/SMS conversations are not seen some times in messages tab



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