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December 30 2019 Production Release
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New volume based pricing plans are available to all V2 customers starting today. The new pricing plans make HappyFox Chat significantly cost effective for companies with large teams.


Starter, Growth, Scale and Scale Plus plans are available in-app for the upgrade. Any V2 customer is eligible to move to these plans from the Billing section.


  • All the new signups will be on a 14-day free trial in the Growth plan.
  • After/Before trial expiry and After/Before Account cancellation - V2 Accounts can activate/upgrade to these new plans after adding their CC.
  • Invoice PDF will reflect the new plan name (without agent count) as expected.
  • The "Add new agent" modal will not have the agent limit indicator.


Chats count limit, Features, and all available Apps will work as per the new pricing table -


New features available to V2 customers from today:

Visitor widget I18N: V2 account Visitor widget will support the same set of languages supported by the V1 account widget.
Reporting: Reports will work with all available filters in V2 accounts in the same way as V1 accounts.

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