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November 22 2019 Production Release
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This is the first production release of HappyFox Chat with the completely revamped V2 API. The new chat API is more scalable and robust, and signifies a complete overhaul of our messaging infrastructure. This sets the foundation for upcoming features to HappyFox Chat.

Following Integrations are now stable in V2 accounts:

  • Segment
  • Insightly
  • Google Analytics
  • MS Dynamics (fixed few more bugs)
  • Mixpanel
  • SugarCRM
  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot

Plus, several functionality & security bugs got fixed overall, including some fixes to our V1 app.

  • v1 - Unable to copy paste content from agent chat window (sent as hot fix earlier)
  • v1 - google analytics - Not collecting events (sent as hot fix earlier)
  • v1 - Agent app crashing on accepting chat in some scenarios (several customers were reporting this - sent as hot fix earlier)
  • v1/v2 - Agent profile update - Unable to upload picture more than 1 MB
  • v2 - Core Chat - When the chat is ended, the agent chat meta area goes blank
  • v2 - The chat window does not get maximised when the chat tile is clicked in the side bar

With upcoming release, we will start accepting New Signups in V2 with new Pricing

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