How to track events on Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager?

To track the HappyFox Chat events on Google Analytics kindly following the steps below.

A. Setup Trigger on Google Tag Manager:

Step 1: Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.

Step 2: Click Add New Tag >> Name your tag.

Step 3: Click the tag configuration tile and choose Universal Analytics

Step 4: Now enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID, select Page View under the track type.

Step 5: Click More settings > go to Advanced Configuration. Select Set Tracker Name box and leave the Tracker Name empty and Click Save.

Step 6: Now set the trigger. Choose which pages the tag should trigger on and Click Save.

Step 7: Click Publish and confirm to activate the tag. 

B. Enable Google Analytics app on HappyFox Chat:

Step 1: Log into your HappyFox Chat account.

Step 2: Go to Apps > Google Analytics > Click Install.

Step 3: Click Enable.

Now you can track chat widget events on Google Analytics. 

HappyFox chat events on Google Analytics:

On Google Analytics account, go to Reporting → click Real-Time on the left pane and click Events. You can see the chat widget events that are logged under HappyFox Chat category.