How to install HappyFox Chat via Google Tag Manager?

Step 1: Login to your Google Tag Manager account.

Step 2: Click “Add New Tag” tile / Click Tags on the left pane and Add new tag.

Step 3: Name your Tag and Click “Custom HTML Tag” button.

Step 4: Enter the HappyFox Chat installation code under Configure Tag and click continue.

Step 5:  Click Advanced settings option to set triggers for the chat widget → Click Continue.

Step 6: Under Fire On, select web pages on which HappyFox Chat's widget should appear → Click Create Tag.

Step 7: Now click Publish button on the top right corner to embed HappyFox Chat the code your website via Google Tag Manager.

Step 8: On clicking Publish button, you will be prompted for a confirmation. Click Publish Now

You have successfully installed HappyFox Chat via Google Tag Manager! 

You can view HappyFox Chat widget, installed on your website.