Monitor Chat

Monitor Chat feature allows admin(s) to view and get direct insights of the ongoing chat sessions handled by the other agents and admin. Only Admin(s) will be able to monitor other agents’/admins' chats.

Monitor Chat feature is available across all plans.

How admins can monitor chats?

Login with your administrator’s credentials. Admin will be able to see the list chat handled by you and the chat handled by other agents (if any) under the “Other active chats” section in the left side of the screen.       

Admin can click on the desired other active chats from the “other active chats” section and monitor the chat conversation between the agent and the visitor.

The monitored chat window and the admin’s active chat window are differentiated with different colours. The monitoring admin will not be able to chat from the monitored chat windows.

The monitored chat window will display the visitor’s info in the top portion of the chat window. If you have integrated any of the apps with your HappyFox chat account, the chat window will also display those details.

The admin can choose to hide the monitored chats by Closing the monitored chat window and or collapsing the other active chats section by clicking on the downward arrow icon.

All the actions done by the agents during a chat conversation will be displayed in the monitored chat window. 

Can the Monitoring Admin respond to the Chats that are being monitored?

No, Monitoring Admin won't be able to respond to the Chats that are being monitored by him/her.

What if the monitored chat is transferred to the monitoring admin?

The chat will become the admin’s active chat and will not be listed under the “Other active chats” section.