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Install HappyFox Chat on WordPress
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Method 1:

To install chat widget across all the pages of your WordPress site, follow the steps below:

Only Admin has the access to install HappyFox Chat on WordPress.

You can install chat widget on your self-hosted WordPress site or VIP WordPress site.

Step 1: Go to your Wordpress Admin account.

Step 2: Click Appearance on the left →  select Editor →  Select Footer section.Select Footer

Step 3: Copy HappyFox Chat Installation code and paste it before the </body> tag.Footer - save

Step 4: Click on Update and chat widget will be visible on your website.HFC

Method 2:

To install chat widget on specific / all pages of your WordPress site:

Step 1: Select Appearance  menu option and select Widgets from the list.Select widget

Step 2: Select Text from the list of all widgets.

Step 3: Click on Text and this will enable you to add it to the widget area.

Step 4: Click on Add widget button.

Widget add

Step 5: This will add the Text widget to your sidebar. In the sidebar, click on Text and you will be able to add a title and Content.

Step 6: Copy HappyFox Chat Installation code and paste it on content section.

SAve widget

Step 7: Click on Save. And HappyFox Chat widget will be visible on your site.


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