Adding and Removing agents

Adding and removing an agent on HappyFox Chat can be done only by "Admin" users. 

Adding An Agent:

1. Admin users can start adding new agents from the "Agents" menu.

2. To add a new agent, click on the "Add Agent" block.

3. Clicking on the "Add Agent" block will open a pop-up that comprises of two sections. The first section (on the left hand side of the pop-up) comprises of the fields wherein you need to enter the details of the new agent that you are about to add.You can also set the privilege of the agent either as Admin/Agent.

Whereas, the second section (on the right hand side of the pop-up) comprises of the details of the "Pricing Plan" that you are currently in, and also displays the details of the number of agents that you can add, for your pricing plan.

4. Clicking on "Send Invite" button, will send out an invite to the email ID of the person who you added as an agent, with an 'Invited' indication in the respective block. 

To resend the invite, or delete the invitation, click on the agent details block, which will open a pop-up. In the bottom, right side, click on the "Resend Invite" if you'd like to send an invite to the agent, again. To delete the invite sent, click on the "Delete Invitation" link. 

5. When the agent accepts the invite from the email and logs into HappyFox Chat, he'll be able to take up new chat requests.

Removing An Agent:

1. To deactivate an agent, go the "Agents" module and click on any one of the listed agent names. From the resultant pop-up, click on "Deactivate".

2. You will be prompted with an "Are you sure? (Yes/No)" option, while choosing to deactivate an agent.

Clicking on "Yes", will proceed to deactivate the agent, and choosing "No" will abort the action.

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  • 02-Dec-2016