Chat Status

Chat status allows you to show/hide the chat widget which is installed on your website. The option is available under Manage section. There are two sub-options under Chat Status:

  1. Hide widget when no agents are available: You can enable this option if you prefer to not show the offline form. 
  2. Enable chat widget: This option allows you to show/hide the Live chat widget on your website.

If you prefer to allow your customers to send offline messages, you can set "Enable chat widget" > ON. If your team is away/offline you can turn it OFF manually or you can automate this by using "Hide widget when no agents are available" option. When enabled, the system automatically hides the widget when no agents are online.

Note: When you toggle off, if there is any ongoing chat with a visitor the widget will be available for the agents to respond. The widget will be hidden once the chat ends.