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July 10 2020 Production Release
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  • Fixes high severity bugs and other reported issues.
  • Refines the visitors tab by showing only the actively browsing visitors by default and removing stale visitors.
  • Webhook API documentation in developer portal.


New Feature:

  • Add widget components to handle form type special messages from bot.


Bug Fixes:

  • Orders transcripts in descending order of time in history section, transcripts beyond yesterday.
  • Unable to start monitoring the chat message getting displayed when user clicks on monitoring tile when the visitor is blocked.
  • Connecting banner displayed in the visitor widget even after the visitor comes back online.
  • Custom pre chat field values are not available in Offline message / Integration tickets.
  • Department picker label name change is not getting reflected in the widget.
  • Monitoring tile/window not getting disappeared or appropriate message not shown in monitoring window in case of a department transfer.
  • Plan change for SSO feature from Scale to Scale plus.
  • sendVisitorTranscript job is getting stuck in queue.
  • Mobile Widget - Widget keeps on maximising when agent navigates to other page or refreshes the page.
  • Changing Department picker dropdown text to "Choose Option".
  • Custom Pre-chat Fields not getting updated when visitor submits pre-chat form.
  • Refrain from creating new socket connection in case of SendClientState failure.
  • Missed chat transcripts/Missed chat slack notification are not getting created for auto-assigned chats if the visitor ends the chat without agent accepting the auto-assigned chat request.
  • Visitors with long duration on website is displayed in visitor tab.
  • Show only actively browsing visitors by default in the visitors tab.
  • Catch error message change in when user clicks on Monitoring tile.
  • "Sorry, our agents appear to be busy right now" message shown to visitor when visitors simultaneously login and agent becomes busy.
  • Fixes incorrect agent referencing in transcripts and added a new key agentChatId_v2 in agents public rest endpoints.
  • "Monitoring stopped" banner getting displayed in the monitoring window even if the chat is ended by agent or visitor.
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