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June 23 2020 Production release
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🏁 This release completes Chat v2. All v2 accounts now have access to all features & integrations available in v1 and more.

New features:

  1. Barge In: Agents who are monitoring a chat can now barge into a chat.  Currently joined agent will be removed from the chat and barging in agent would be attached to chat. This feature is available in v2 in Growth and above plans
  2. Tags management:
    1. Admins can now see, create, update, delete or merge tags from Manage > tags section
    2. From the same section, admins can see tags usage ie., count of transcripts where tag is attached, and search transcripts attached to a specific tag.
    3. Admins can restrict agents from creating new tags during chat or from history section and let them use only existing tags with the setting “Restrict to allowed tags” in Manage > Tags section.
    4. Feature is available in v2 accounts from Scale plan onwards.
  3. Custom fields & Custom filters: Live visitors can now be filtered in Visitors section with custom filters using any of these visitor properties
    1. Presets props: Page URL, Current activity (chatting, chat ended etc.,), Country, State, City.
    2. Custom fields set via JS SDK
    3. Feature is available in v2 for all plans where proactive chat feature is available (Growth+). Up to 25 custom filters can be created in all supported plans.

Minor Bug fixes:

  1. Agent/Visitor - Throttle reply area typing messages
  2. V2 Production - Triggered chat option should not be displayed for normal agents in the module swticher
  3. New design - “edit visitor info” tool tip is in lower case
  4. Customer issue V2 - Agent name tag only displayed in the transcript for admins in one scenario (Please refer the steps)
  5. Live typing preview - Agent has to reload the app once after enabling the live typing preview to see what visitor is typing
  6. Clicking on v2 sign up confirmation link after user has already logged in the first time takes the user to /a login page
  7. UI issue in the proactive chat setting toggle
  8. Agent profile pic issue in XL Widget.
  9. Browser Compatibility - Country Flag in the pre-chat field is displayed in the middle of the input area -  IE 11 - Win 8.1
  10. Bunch of errors thrown in console once an agent logs in to the v2 app
  11. v2 prod : New design | Canned responses - When there is a long list of canned responses, in particular scenario canned responses are displayed atop of the page
  12. Invite to chat popup : The profile selector dropdown turns dark upon choosing the second time and the agent is unable to read anything
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