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June 05 2020 Production Release
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New features:

  • We released Visitor Mobile SDK for both Android and iOS which works with V2 accounts.
  • Now V2 account owners can integrate our chat widget into their native mobile apps.
  • Customer mobile app can handoff visitor information like name, email & phone number of visitor to chat widget.
  • Customer app can receive in-app notifications of active chats.
  • Even if customer chat is put to background or killed, they will continue to get Push Notification about the active chat. This way no conversation is lost by the visitor.
  • This is the first time we are introducing Push Notification for Android Mobile SDK.

• Added Bulgarian language support to chat widget.
• Hovering on online agents avatar will show agent name and their current online/availability status as tooltip.
• Automatically focus on chat window reply area once agent accepts a chat.
• Display canned responses in alphabetical order.
• Reordered chat message to show Proactive Chat after welcome message in widget conversation thread.
• Made changes to reflect visitor activity instantly in visitors tab.• Made changes to reflect custom field changes instantly in visitors tab.
• Now agents need not to refresh the page after enabling proactive chat feature.
• Adds "<agent> left the conversation" event in transcript if agent goes offline during chat.
• (v2) Made changes to post "New chat request" message in Slack while chat is auto-assigned to agent.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed bug around monitoring chat flow.
• Removed custom field option from migrated popular plan customers as it is not supported in popular plan.
• Fixed bug where cart info from Magneto 2 store was not displayed.
• Fixed bug where "Support" option in agent profile menu option was not working at times.
• Fixed bug where app crashes while clicking on Edit Profile option after opening Billing pop up.
• Fixed bug where connection was not established with server when invited agent joins in migrated accounts.
• Fixed minor UI glitches in visitors tab.
• Prevented logout option from disappearing while agent tries to logout from visitors tab.
• Prevented agent from engaging visitor who has already left the website.
• Clicking on "Enable proactive chat" button takes to appropriate profile settings.
• Scrolls to GDPR consent field if visitor tries to submit without giving consent.
• Agent name is not displayed in visitor transcript email if "Show agent display name" is disabled.
• Fixes error while adding tags to offline messages.
• Fixed bug where Pipedrive deals where not displayed during the chat.
• Prevented "Off hours kicked in" flipping banner from being shown forever if work hours is disabled in middle.
• Fixed issue where Pipedrive integration posting jobs where stuck in the background queue.

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